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Lamborghini Joins NASCAR? Only At SEMA 2018.

  As some of our readers may recall, our SEMA display last year was a sight to behold. Complete with a beautiful black & yellow Bugatti Chiron “Hell Bee,” the booth put the north hall on the map. This year, we had no choice but to keep that momentum going. As the saying goes, we simplified, and added lightness. 1520kg of lightness, to be exact. For SEMA 2018, we slimmed our line-up down by one car & took a new approach to our demo display. Take a look.

Instead of the Bugatti making a return, the hero car for this year was none other than a Lamborghini Centenario Roadster, #001. Beautifuly spec’d with bare carbon fiber & yellow trim accents, the Centenario also arrived equipped with full body ULTIMATE PLUS PPFfrom Protective Film Solutions.

To demo the film & show off how it installs, we teamed up with Richard Childress Racing to bring out a Daytona winning NASCAR. Sporting a completely custom XPEL livery, the XPEL NASCAR got equipped with ULTIMATE PLUS all week long.


Another highlight of SEMA 2018 was our efforts in the New Products Showcase where ULTIMATE PLUS, PRIME XR PLUS, and our new XR Antimicrobial film took center stage. XPEL RX is a new film that we’re introducing alongside our comprehensive lineup. Capable of killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria, RX film also improves screen clarity & impact resistance. While it’s ideal for medical lab equipment or commercial grade applications, XPEL RX is also a perfect fit for protecting personal tablets or phone screens.

On the window film side of things, earlier this year PRIME XR PLUS window tint set the bar high for the competition. With that, we’re proud to announce XR PLUS took home the “Global Media” award at SEMA 2018 in the New Products Showcase.


Par usual, SEMA was chock full of wild rides. A variety of cars on display at the convention center were sporting ULTIMATE PLUS, STEALTH & PRIME. From exotics and tuners to the upper levels of off-road, we’re protecting ’em all.

Over in South Hall at the MV Forged booth, we spotted Tuner Theory’s own @stillnahrich (ig). The Mclaren 570 sat protected with ULTIMATE PLUS & wrapped in a unique design from Skepple.

Vorsteiner came with a new approach to off-road. The VenomRex Carbon Package & VR-602 wheels perfectly blend Performante elements with the Jeep JL.

Tucked over on the side of the Ford display sat one of our favorite ULTIMATE PLUS projects from SunStoppers – Kurt Busch’s Ford GT. Still dressed in a Monster Energy livery from LUEcreative, the NASCAR inspired GT looked bold as ever.


Of course, it wouldn’t be SEMA without our annual customer appreciation party at The Palms. This year we switched up venues, swapping The View for a Villa, and it couldn’t have been better. The Villa offered plenty of space for lounging & conversation along with room for billiards, and even a patio hot tub with views of the strip.

With a headcount reaching over 300 and the drinks flowing, we partied until the music stopped. Good times were had by all, and we’re looking forward to a welcomed return to the space in 2019. Beyond everything SEMA offers automotive-wise, the personal connections it creates are invaluable. Year after year, we continue to meet new faces & make new friends, growing the XPEL team exponentially.

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