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XPEL In Green Hell: ULTIMATE PLUS Testing On The Nurburgring With Gran Turismo

What would you if you had one of the world’s most famous racing tracks all to yourself, for two full days? If you answered “drive harder than I’ve ever driven before,” you’d be correct. Earlier this year we made our way to Germany for GranTurismo at the one & only Green Hell. Our mission: to see how XPEL PPF holds up under the most grueling conditions on the Nurburgring. Is it worth it? Would you race without it? Will it clean off easy after days of abuse? Let’s dive in.

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Drive Them

If you’re unfamiliar with the Nordschleife or Gran Turismo Events, now is the time to get acquainted. With multiple gatherings at the world’s most popular tracks, GranTurismo Events are the go-to private driving experience for the high-performance enthusiast. Check out our video recap from the event with participants & organizers alike below! First up – Marcus Wiener from Autoshield Stockholm. Marcus has attended Gran Turismo & driven the Nurburgring previously. He’s no stranger to attacking an apex & pushing his STEALTH Lotus to its limits.

“It’s a crossover between a go kart & a GT car.”

And he’s absolutely right. The spry little Lotus Exige was right at home battling on the Nurburgring with the best of them. Whatever the track threw at Marcus, he took it on full force.

“(XPEL) gives you a great deal of comfort. With the film on, you don’t really care that much. When it’s not on, it’s a different story. You can really feel it in your heart, especially if you’re a car person.”

For Peter Ternström, one of the organizers of GranTurismo, the importance of protection is self-evident. His Verde Huracan Performante combines proven performance with Lamborghini’s unmistakably loud aesthetics.

“What I like the most with this car is actually the color – this green color is beautiful.”

Preserving its original paint is definitely a priority. With a track like the Nurburgring, blind corners are everywhere. Sometimes you won’t know what lies ahead until you’re right on top of it.

“If you have a good product on, like XPEL, you can enjoy your car because you don’t have to worry about the damage.”

Driving pleasure should always be a priority. Paint protection can free your mind to push your car to its limits. Track rubber, road grime, and bug splatter are the least of your worries.

“I cleaned this car for the first time myself, 2 days ago, and it was surprisingly easy to clean!”

The proprietary topcoat of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS & STEALTH paint protection film makes track aftercare a breeze. You can rest easy knowing your factory finish isn’t facing abuse from the elements.


From the Autobahn to the Nurburgring & beyond, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS & STEALTH paint protection film has you covered. Backed by our 10 year warranty, there’s no better way to ensure your car’s paint remains pristine both on and off the track. Looking to have XPEL ULTIMATE or STEALTH paint protection film installed before your next big track day? Check out our Installer Locator & find a certified XPEL dealer near you!

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